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Terra Whistleblower Publishes Alleged Chat Log Between Do Kwon and Network Validators

Over two weeks after the Terra LUNA and UST fallout, a whistleblower dubbed “Fatman” published an alleged chat log between the project’s co-founder Do Kwon, Terra validators, and infrastructure providers from the Terra blockchain community. If the chat log is legitimate, Fatman claims the document proves over 50 people “knew about the [network] halt before it happened.”
The “Terra Rebirth League” Discussion
On June 1, 2022, a whistleblower called “Fatman” (@fatmanterra) published a chat log that allegedly shows a discussion about Terra’s blockchain halt before it happened. News has reported on Fatman before, as the Twitter account has accused Terraform Labs (TFL) and Do Kwon of a number of sketchy acts. On Wednesday, Fatman explained that an anonymous source provided the whistleblower with a document that shows a number of Terra community members and Do Kwon discussing a chain halt.

An anonymous source has provided me with the missing pages from the int

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