With Wild Price Swings, the New LUNA Cryptocurrency Has Become Gamblers’ Paradise

Three days since launch and the new LUNA cryptocurrency is exhibiting massive price swings becoming gamblers’ paradise. After the airdrop last Saturday, different crypto exchanges have been showing different prices.
As per data on Kraken, the new LUNA token opened at $17 and then swung between $30 and $4.80. On the other hand, OKX listed LUNA with an opening price of $1 which then swung between $5 to $20. On Tuesday, May 31, crypto exchange Binance also listed the new LUNA token.  Although crypto is subject to large volatility, such wild swings in both directions are rare.
Speculators have been booking gains as LUNA moves higher while the holder of the previous LUNA version and UST stablecoin are recovering the losses from the Terra crash. Fadi Aboualfa, head of research at crypto prime brokerage Copper said:
“This is pure gambling like crypto has never seen. One of the most important things about crypto is the brand or marketing and community. Terra has burned its community, and

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