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DeFi isn’t dead, it just needs to fix these 3 critical problems

It’s been a rough year for DeFi, and it may not get any better until projects focus more on security, regulation and usability.
The persistent challenges decentralized finance face have been well documented by a handful of analysts and the recent collapse of the Terra ecosystem re-enforced the fact that something is critically wrong with DeFi.I think DeFi today is completely broken for 99% of the population.The promise of a more transparent financial system has been overtaken by greed.UST/LUNA is just the latest in a string of bad developments:— Peter Yang (@petergyang) May 11, 2022

Let’s take a look at what experts say DeFi needs to do in order to have another revival. Improved usabilityTo date, the promise of open and uncensored access to a global decentralized financial system has been largely hampered by the complicated interface, confusing multi-step staking processes and lack of clarity surrounding the yields o

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