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Crypto Biz: Luna’s meltdown will live on in infamy, May 5–11, 2022

The cryptocurrency market has seen a lot of dark days in its history, but few compare to the events of the past week.
Terra’s meltdown forced cryptocurrency investors to ask a question they never thought was possible: Will TerraUSD (UST) or Terra (LUNA) reach $1.00 first? The magnitude of this question provides a sobering reminder of just how quickly things can change in crypto. While Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon remains defiant, many people in the industry are beginning to distance themselves from the protocol they thought was delivering real-world utility for stablecoins and Bitcoin (BTC).The threat of contagion from Terra’s apparent collapse could take months or even years to fully quantify, but it looks like the howls of crypto winter are growing louder. Luckily, blockchain projects are bootstrapped with tens of billions of dollars. They will continue to build. Can you wait a little while longer to realize your

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