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TZ APAC’s Colin Miles: Blockchain will be taught in classrooms in 3-5 years

TZ APAC’s Colin Miles says that a new partnership with the National University of Singapore (NUS)’s School of Computing will help students learn about Tezos and blockchain.
Colin Miles, the newly-appointed CEO of TZ APAC expects blockchain and web 3.0 curricula to start becoming an integral part of secondary and tertiary education within the next three to five years. “I would think it’s that classic medium-term, three-to-five timeline,” said Miles. Miles was speaking to Cointelegraph after the announcement of TZ APAC’s partnership deal with the National University of Singapore (NUS)’s School of Computing on May 10, which will see the Tezos agency supporting the development of the university’s new center for Nurturing Computing Excellence. Miles said:“If you have a dedicated center in NUS, which runs blockchain courses every day of every week for students… it will become part of the fabric of one of the bes

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