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Russian Crypto Miner Considers Suing US Authorities for Imposed Sanctions

BitRiver –  Russia’s largest data center services provider – is pondering over filing a lawsuit against the US Treasury Department for adding the company to the sanction list last month. Besides, the firm accused the US of breaching WTO rules through the act of promoting unfair competition and lobbying for the US mining industry.
BitRiver Called US Accusations “Unfounded and Untrue”
According to its press release, BitRiver argued that it is a 100% private company with no affiliated interest with the Russian government, thus claiming innocence of helping the regime bypass sanctions. It also stated that the wrongfully imposed sanction has caused “direct reputational damage” to its operations.
On April 20th, the Treasury Department announced sanctions against BitRiver, prohibiting it from having business relations with US citizens. The authority said Russia has significant “comparative advantages” in cryptocurrency mining, expressing concern that individuals or companie

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