OneCoin creator, Ruja Ignatova, declared wanted in Europe

Europol has placed the founder of OneCoin cryptocurrency, Ruja Ignatova, on its list of most wanted criminals.

The European law enforcement agency took this step in its concerted efforts to capture the “crypto queen” who is responsible for a multi-billion dollar fraud.
The agency stated that Ignatova

Is suspected of having prompted investors worldwide to invest in this worthless “currency.”

It offered a reward of €5,000 for any information that’ll lead to the arrest of the alleged criminal mastermind.
OneCoin operated as a Ponzi scheme
Ignatova disappeared from the radar in 2017 after taking a flight from Sofia to Athens, where she was last seen with two Russian men. She created OneCoin in 2014, claiming it’ll be the token that replaces Bitcoin. 

“We are the Bitcoin killer. We’re faster, safer and cheaper,” she promised.

But it turned out that all those promises were false because the coin didn’t even make it to the blockchain. Instead, she spent the money

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