How Does a New Token Enter the Crypto Market?

With estimated 20,000-plus cryptocurrencies in circulation, there has been a major power shift from the blockchains to the exchanges, which serve as the proverbial gatekeepers to the crypto universe. But with so many tokens competing for attention, how does a new token get listed? 
“Listing a token depends on the exchange,” according to Mark Fidelman, founder of digital and e-commerce agency Fanatics Media. “When you’re listing, make sure that you follow the exchange’s guidelines. But keep in mind that the exchanges want to see volume; they want to know that there’s a market for your token because it costs them to list it. If your token isn’t being traded enough, then it’s never going to produce the amount of fees they require to keep it.”
In other words, getting listed is something of a catch-22. To get volume, you need to be on an exchange, but to get on an exchange, you need volume. 
There are now nearly 600 crypto exchanges operating around the globe. Thankfully

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