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Failed exit? Traders complain Crypto.com reversed profitable LUNA transactions

Terra’s death spiral resulted in the mispricing of LUNA tokens on the popular cryptocurrency exchange. Traders aren’t happy with the compensation.
Cryptocurrency exchange Crypto.com has halted the trading of Terra (LUNA) tokens after it determined that user transactions were quoted at an “incorrect price,” prompting severe backlash from the community.In a Friday news release, Crypto.com said that LUNA trades have been halted due to a pricing error between 12:40 and 13:39 UTC on May 12. “[U]sers who traded LUNA were quoted an incorrect price,” the exchange said. “Our systems quickly detected the error and trading was halted. Trading remains halted until further notice.”Market participants took this to mean that the exchange had basically reversed profitable LUNA transactions by traders attempting to exit the cryptocurrency, which has been in a death spiral for several days. That may explain why Crypto.com is a

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