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DeFi protocols declare losses as attackers exploit LUNA price feed discrepancy

Venus Protocol and Blizz Finance announced that their protocols were exploited due to the difference in LUNA market price and price feed as Chainlink paused the LUNA oracle.
The seemingly endless freefall of Terra (LUNA) affected two decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols due to a price discrepancy as the Chainlink (LINK) price feed for LUNA gets suspended over extreme market conditions. Avalanche-based liquidity protocol Blizz Finance reported that as the price of LUNA was stuck at $0.10, attackers were able to deposit millions of LUNA to “borrow all the collateral.” As a result, Blizz Finance mentioned that its protocol was drained before its team could pause. The team apologized to those who were affected. We have built on the AVAX ecosystem in good faith with the expectation that @chainlink oracles would behave as expected. Sorry to those affected.— Blizz Finance (@BlizzFinance) May 13, 2022

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