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Crypto.com boss clarifies what’s different between now and last bear market

Crypto.com CEO Kris Marszalek called the brutal downturn a ‘really rough day.’
Over the last seven days, total market cap losses amount to $570 billion, or -33%. And with markets spooked, there’s always the threat of more panic selling as investors look to minimize their losses.
However, in some semblance of hopium, albeit a negligible one, Marszalek points out that ‘nobody is questioning crypto’s survival,’ unlike the overriding narrative of the last bear market.

It’s a really rough day for crypto.
The biggest difference between 2018 and what is happening today?
Nobody is questioning crypto’s survival. The industry will come back stronger. It always does.
Stay safe through the storm
— Kris | Crypto.com (@kris) May 12, 2022

Then again, the last bear market was typified by the sheer number of projects that closed down. And the same will be true this time around as well.
The bear market is here
This week’s crypto sell-off has banished any notion of being in a bul

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