Coinbase users lose Wormhole LUNA, UST after sending it to the exchange

During the recent death spiral of UST and LUNA, many tried to send their tokens to their Coinbase wallets, and they ended up losing them altogether. 
The problem emerged from the main Terra bridge’s tendency to transfer wormhole LUNA and UST automatically. As Coinbase does not support wormhole LUNA and UST, users’ tokens disappeared.
It was quickly discovered that many had the same problem when the predicament was posted on social media. 

Anyone else out there try to send UST (wormhole) to your $UST account on coinbase recently?
If so, please contact me so we can organize and work with the necessary parties to find a way to resolve this.@coinbase @CoinbaseSupport @wormholecrypto
— Radiofriendly123 (@radiofriendly12) May 10, 2022

Coinbase refuses to help
The problem first went public on May 10. Since then, Coinbase didn’t make a statement regarding the subject.
Most posts on both Reddit and Twitter mention that Coinbase refuses to add wormhole LUNA and UST or refund its u

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