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Coinbase junk bonds tank amid market rout and creditors’ fears

“Nothing about Coinbase changed this week, we are the same company we were yesterday, or a year ago. If anything, we are in an even stronger position given our balance sheet,” assured Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong.
The price of Coinbase’s junk bonds are tanking amid an underwhelming performance in Q1 and fears over what could happen in the event of a bankruptcy. According to bond trading data from Trace Bonds, both of Coinbase’s junk bond offerings have dropped roughly 17% and 5.2% since its Q1 report on May 10 to sit at $63 and $62.31 at the time of writing. Overall they are down 20% and 19% apiece since the start of this month. 10y coinbase bonds trading at 63 cents on the dollar pic.twitter.com/fqmKmiXk5E— state (@statelayer) May 12, 2022

Junk bonds are a form of corporate debt issued by firms that do not have investment-grade credit ratings. Firms borrow a certain amount of money via the junk bond offering,

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