Bitcoin to be untaxed if held for more than a year in Germany

Germany’s Finance Ministry has published new guidelines for crypto taxation, the first comprehensive regulations tackling lending, staking, mining, trading and more.
Among the most impactful is that the government will not tax Bitcoin gains made if the crypto is held for at least one year.

Germany has published its first comprehensive guidance on taxing the burgeoning cryptocurrency industry. One of the stipulations is that the country will not be taxing Bitcoin gains if the crypto is held for at least a year.
The German Ministry of Finance (BMF) consulted the highest tax authorities of the federal states before publishing the guidelines, the ministry said in its press release. It intends to provide guidance to regulators, crypto companies, and ordinary traders.
The guidelines delve into all things crypto, making them among the most comprehensive in the world to date. They deal with block creation, or mining as it’s known in Bitcoin, as well as “staking, lending, hard forks, a

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