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Bitcoin mining in Norway gets the green light as the proposed ban rejected

The proposal to ban Bitcoin mining in Norway was rejected in a vote by the Norwegian Parliament on Tuesday.
There’s Nor-way they can ban Bitcoin (BTC) mining in Norway now. That’s according to a majority vote passed by the Norwegian parliament on Tuesday.The proposal to ban Bitcoin mining in Norway was first suggested in March this year by the Red Party (Norway’s communist party). In this week’s vote, the proposal was overturned as only Norway’s left-leaning parties, including the Socialist Left Party, the Red Party and the Green Party would support a ban on cryptocurrency mining.Jaran Mellerud, an analyst at Arcane Research and a Cointelegraph confidant, shed light on the developments: “The vote these parties lost was against banning large-scale Bitcoin mining overall.”“Having lost this vote, these political parties will likely make one more attempt at increasing the power tax specifically for miners, which

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