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Binance Removes LUNA Futures, Margin Pairs and Spot Trading Pairs

The force of the bear market has hit some projects worse than others. But no coin has gone through more pain than LUNA, the governance token behind the Terra ecosystem. The token has fallen so much, so fast that Binance —the world’s largest crypto exchange— is turning its back against it.
On May 12, Binance announced the suspension of perpetual contracts on the LUNA/USDT pair after lowering the authorized leverage to 8x.
This move comes after a series of events that caused the price of LUNA to plummet by more than 99%, inflicting millions of dollars in losses to investors in the crypto community.

As mentioned previously, Binance Futures will conduct an automatic settlement on the $LUNA USDT-Margined Contract and then delist the Futures contract at May 12, 2022 3:30pm UTC.
— Binance (@binance) May 12, 2022
However, that was not enough. LUNA kept falling with no signs of stopping. Just hours after the previous announcement, Binance said it would be removin

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