Billionaire Bill Miller Remains Bullish on Bitcoin Despite Ongoing Crash

Legacy American investor Bill Miller revealed he sold some “liquid stuff” to satisfy margin calls as bitcoin might be one of those assets. However, the billionaire remains a keen proponent of the primary cryptocurrency, describing it as an “insurance against financial catastrophe.”
Not Changing his Stance
The US investor, fund manager, and philanthropist Bill Miller stands as one of the most popular bitcoin supporters. He further strengthened his stance during the COVID-19 outbreak and the controversial financial policies that many banking institutions introduced. Back then, he argued that bitcoin is valuable because “it can’t be touched by the government.”
Earlier this year, Miller admitted having invested 50% of his portfolio into BTC. He further disclosed that his first purchase occurred seven years ago when the asset was trading at around $200. However, he accumulated the most during last summer’s crypto crash when bitcoin stood at $30,000.
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