A Story of Incredible Belief….. How GAIMIN Gladiator’s Acquired Team Tickles!

It normally takes a newly formed esports team 12-18 months to gel and experience success, however GAIMIN Gladiator’s Dota 2 team only formed in January 2022 and they are already rising in the Dota 2 rankings, qualifying in the Top 14 for the ESL One DOTA 2 Major this May in Stockholm, increasing their following and generating significant brand awareness for GAIMIN.

Arseny Kuzminsky recently interviewed the founders of GAIMIN Gladiator’s about their Dota 2 team and its formation. In readiness for the DOTA 2 ESL One Major in Stockholm, we are proud to re-publish his article and interviews.

In 2020 a breath of fresh air came to competitive Dota. Vikin.gg. These guys were able to fight back against the strongest teams for almost a year during the online era; brazenly, without fear or reproach, breaking well-known lineups in numerous tournaments. Upon closer acquaintance, it turned out that the players and the coach have unique chemistry — a mixture of strict discipline, fatherh

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