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Not bothered: Miners ‘not impacted by volatility’ in Bitcoin market

In the face of extreme fear in the Bitcoin market, miners are unfazed and may even welcome a downturn as it opens up the opportunity to gain more hash power.
Despite steadily declining prices of Bitcoin and turmoil on the markets today, some of the largest mining companies are unfazed and insist their operations will not be affected by negative price volatility.Some even see it as an opportunity to gain market share as smaller competitors collapse.Bitcoin (BTC) prices have been on a steady decline all year up to the past 24 hours, when the crash accelerated to reach the lowest point since December 2020. However, miners have not been deterred amid that tremendous pressure. Some may even have more fervor for mining if the downtrend in Bitcoin continues through 2022.Each of three different mining operations — two large public companies and one private mining company — that Cointelegraph reached out to shared cool emotions a

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