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Germany: No Taxes for Selling BTC and ETH if Held for Over a Year

The German Ministry of Finance has made certain amendments to its cryptocurrency policies. The authorities disclosed that the sale of acquired bitcoin and ether won’t be taxed if individuals hold the assets for more than one year.

Germany’s Ministry of Finance published a letter focused on the income tax treatment of digital assets, such as bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH).
After collaborating with the highest tax authorities of the federal states, the lawmakers decided to make the sale of BTC and ETH tax-free if those assets were held for over 12 months. The policy will apply even if the cryptocurrencies have been employed for staking/lending.

“For private individuals, the sale of purchased Bitcoin and Ether is tax-free after one year.”

Previously, digital assets used in such activities had to be held for ten years to be exempt from taxation.
The Ministry outlined that this is the first time when the subject has been addressed with a nationwide uniform administrative instruc

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