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Do Kwon unveils his master plan to save UST as LUNA crashes 98% – Here’s why it could get worse

LUNA has lost 97.7 percent of its value in the past week to now trade at $1.96, with UST sinking further from its $1 peg to hit $0.45 at press time.
Do Kwon, the Terra founder has unveiled his master plan for saving the projects on Twitter which involves printing more LUNA to stabilize the peg for UST.

It’s been a dark week for Terra’s ecosystem. LUNA has been on a freefall as the crypto market’s trust in the project, and its relation to the not-too-stable UST stablecoin has been shaken. In the past week, LUNA has lost 98 percent of its value to trade below $2, but founder Do Kwon has a master plan that he believes can save the project. But it could get a lot worse before it gets better.
At press time, LUNA trades at $1.96, down by 94 percent in the past day alone and 98 percent in the past week. For context, LUNA was trading at $85 at a time like this last week before it all went up in flames.

(LUNA’s price performance in the past 24 hours).
Do Kwon has been teasing on Twi

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