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Brazilian fintech unicorn Nubank to start offering crypto services

Brazilian fintech company Nubank inked a deal with crypto firm Paxos to start trading crypto.
The bank is initially offering bitcoin and ether transactions and will start rolling out the new product in May to reach its entire 50 million customer base by end of July, according to an announcement issued Wednesday.
“There is no doubt that crypto is a growing trend in Latin America, one that we have been following closely and believe will have a transformational impact on the region. Yet the trading experience is still very niche as customers either lack information to feel confident to enter this new market or just get frustrated by complex experiences,” said CEO and founder of Nubank David Vélez.
Nubank said it intends to add more cryptocurrencies in the future. Clients could already access crypto via ETFs and funds offered by NuInvest, the company’s investment platform.
In this new venture, Paxos will act as a custody provider and broker.
“Nubank’s move to enter the crypto tradi

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