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ApeCoin is down 70%+ since the Otherside launch — Can Yuga Labs turn the ship around?

A botched minting process and the collapse of Otherdeed’s price have taken a toll on ApeCoin, leading investors to question APE’s future utility and value.
ApeCoin (APE), the new cryptocurrency that was recently launched by Yuga Labs, aims to be the bedrock of the Otherside metaverse and recently, the token has experienced massive volatility leading into and after its digital land sale. APE’s price dropped from $26 at the peak on Apr. 28 to $14 on May. 2 — more than a 45% drop within a few days of the mint. The price has now dropped to the $6 range.Given the current volatility, investors will be wondering if ApeCoin price will ever recover to its previous trading range. Let’s first take a look at the historic price trend, particularly what happened on the Otherdeed mint day; then take a deeper dive into the amount of APE that will be locked and released in the next three years. This will provide a better understand

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