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WisdomTree positions its forthcoming crypto wallet to serve ‘the next 2 billion’

US asset manager WisdomTree hopes its forthcoming consumer-facing crypto wallet will offer an approachable experience for less tech-savvy users intimidated by the current crop.
The smartphone-based wallet, known as WisdomTree Prime, was announced in January and will have a limited US launch this summer before a full roll-out across America next year, Jason Guthrie, Wisdomtree’s European head of digital asset product and head of digital assets, said in an interview with The Block.
WisdomTree Prime represents a first foray into direct-to-consumer finance for a firm that’s currently best known for offering exchange traded funds (ETFs) through third parties. That’ll put Wisdomtree on a course to competing with crypto startups including MetaMask and Strike, neobanks such as Chime and traditional consumer banks like JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup.
“Two hundred million people use crypto today. These are the early adopters,” Guthrie said. “I really care not about the 200 million t

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