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Nicehash Software ‘Fully Unlocks’ Nvidia’s Hashrate Reducing Technology

On Saturday, the cryptocurrency mining platform Nicehash revealed the company has “fully [unlocked] Nvidia’s [Lite Hash Rate]” graphic processing units (GPUs). Nicehash says the firm’s Quickminer mining software is the first protocol that can unlock LHR GPU cards by 100%.
Nicehash Says Software Is the First to Fully Crack Nvidia’s Lite Hash Rate Technology
According to the digital currency mining platform Nicehash, the firm has developed software that completely unlocks Nvidia’s Lite Hash Rate-brand GPUs. “Nicehash has successfully unleashed the locked computing power for millions of people worldwide,” the company said on Saturday. “We are the first to fully unlock Nvidia’s LHR.”
Nvidia revealed the Lite Hash Rate (LHR) GPU cards in mid-May 2021 after the semiconductor giant said it wanted to put these chips back into the hands of gamers. “We believe this additional step will get more Geforce cards at better prices into the hands of gamers everywhere,” a Nvidi

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