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LBank and Adanian Labs Kickstarts a ‘Crypto Accelerator Program’ in Kenya

PRESS RELEASE. The blockchain ecosystem is growing exponentially. It has brought prosperity to most African countries by creating wealth for individuals and fast economic growth for their people.
However, many believe that the region is yet to tap into its full potential, that is, leveraging blockchain technology to build a solid ecosystem. As a result, there has been an increasing global interest in Africa recently, with many prominent investors and companies looking to invest in this promising continent.
LBank has set up shop in various locations across Africa as pioneers of the next generation of crypto and blockchain users, collaborating with other African ventures such as Adanian Labs who share a similar desire to help these countries realise their full potential.
Specifically, Adanian Labs is a Pan African venture building studio with a mission to build, incubate and launch impact-driven technology companies and entrepreneurs working to solve some of Africa’s most pertinent cha

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