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Crypto mining platform NiceHash says it developed workaround to Nvidia hash rate limiter

NiceHash, a cryptocurrency mining software company, tweeted on Saturday that its new software could fully unlock Nvidia’s light hashrate (LHR) mining limiter on some graphics cards for mining ethereum.
Last May, computing hardware maker Nvidia reduced the possible hash rate production of its GeForce graphics cards to discourage their use for mining, The Block reported at the time. Prices for graphics cards have been on a steady decline since at least the beginning of the year.
The problem was that dedicated gaming computers were being utilized for ethereum mining, which in turn drove up hardware prices and created shortages, making the product less accessible to those looking to use it for its intended use. 
Currently, only NiceHash Quickminer (Excavator) supports the unlock, the company said on its website, adding that support for NiceHash Miner would be coming soon.
NiceHash is the first to fully unlock mining performance on LHR cards, according to Forbes, which also cited a You

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