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Crypto, like railways, is among the world’s top innovations of the millennium

Finding a million reasons why blockchain won’t succeed turned out to be one of the biggest innovations in the last 500 years.
You are about to read a half-fiction witty story based on Stuart Hylton’s review of “the making of Modern Britain” and my interpretation of the blockchain’s impact on today’s world. I found it fascinating how the description of the industrial age front-runner technology resembled the awe and fear of blockchain in modern times. Some quotes are so relevant that changing the “railroad company” to “blockchain protocol” would give the same shilling.After several “bubbles” (actually eight so far) and some huge announcements — remember Libra and TON? — I figured it was a good time to coin (pun intended) the history of the emerging technology that could be the biggest innovation in the last 500 years.An intriguing comparisonWhy bother? From a distance of two centuries, it is diffic

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