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Clearpool and Jane Street Launched a Permissioned Pool Focusing on KYC Compliance

After launching five Permissionless Pools, Clearpool established its first-ever permissioned pool that allows institutional lenders to earn yields up to 15% by staking USDC. The project partnered with Jane Street Capital – a global proprietary trading company aiming to enter the cryptocurrency industry.
Permission Pool
Decentralized capital markets provider Clearpool launched a permissioned pool on Tuesday, enabling borrowers with higher Know-Your-Customers (KYC) requirements to access funds lent out by institutional partners.
According to the press release, the pool – initially funded with $25m of USDC –  plans to increase to $50m soon. Users can stake USDC to earn the 15%-APR yield paid in CPOOL, the protocol’s utility and governance token,
Partnering with Jane Street, a quantitative trading firm with more than 1,700 employees, and BlockTower Capital, an investment firm focused on crypto and blockchain, Clearpool considers the launch a “watershed moment for DeFi.”  The

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