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Bittrex CBO: Why Bittrex Lost its Lead, Token Sales’ Critical Mistakes, and How to Get Listed (Interview)

Bittrex Global is the international arm of the Seattle, Washington-based U.S. Bittrex exchange. It is based in Lichtenstein, and it’s registered and supervised by the local financial market authority. For the first years of crypto trading and until the 2017 bull run, Bittrex was considered to be among the leading exchanges, and founders were eager to list their tokens on the US-based exchange.
Chris Sinkey is the Chief Business Officer and Listing Director for Bittrex Global for non-U.S. users.
At the Paris Blockchain Week conference in April, CryptoPotato sat down with Sinkey for an illuminating conversation about the history of Bittrex, the current state of crypto exchanges with regard to security and regulation, and the future of token sales.
Sinkey told us that “It became clear that due to regulatory clarity, it made a lot of business sense to segregate our user base between US and non-US.
Bittrex and Bittrex Global: What’s the Difference?
Sinkey revealed that they created th

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