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$37 Billion Sent to NFT Marketplaces in 4 Months, Chainalysis Reports

Blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis’ latest report indicates that NFT activities have slowed down in 2022, with growth beginning to pick up again since mid-April. The document also noted that growing interest derived from retail investors – as shown in the rising number of small-sized transfers – has not yet overridden the market share dominated by institutional investors.
NFT Activities Stabilized in 2022
In the wake of the impressive growth in 2021 – culminating in November – the NFT market has gone on a downturn trajectory along with the broader market from January to March.
As demonstrated in transaction volume, trading activities have since recovered in the mid of April. Until May 1st, collectors had sent over $37 billion to NFT marketplaces as of 2022 – only $3 billion less than the total volume as documented for 2021, according to the latest report by Chainalysis.
The report noted that the total transaction volume bottomed on the week of March 13th and soon bounced

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