The European Central Bank Published Privacy Options for CBDC

When it comes to CBDCs, one of the main public concerns rests upon the potential encroachment upon privacy. The European Central Bank (ECB) recently published a presentation specifically addressing this issue, stating that the Eurosystem should only be able to see the minimum transaction data, but user anonymity is not a desirable design option.
Three Privacy Options
Responding to EU citizens’ concern over the privacy issue involved in a CBDC, the ECB’s presentation includes three different privacy options possible to be adopted for the digital currency.
Firstly, the current baseline scenario, similar to digital transactions through private banks, will allow digital euro intermediaries like banks to access the transaction data while the ECB has not. The presentation outlines that such transparency is for the purpose of “anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML & CFT).”
The bank labeled the other options as the “desirable” path it may go after

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