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Socios signs up Major League Soccer — but it’s not a token effort yet

The fan token platform is branching into American soccer with the latest partnership to bring fan engagement events to MLS without issuing fan tokens.
Fan token platform Socios has partnered with 26 Major League Soccer (MLS) teams to offer fan engagement experiences and rewards, but so far no fan tokens have been announced.The biggest pro soccer league in the U.S. made a joint announcement with Socios on Wednesday detailing that the partnership will help fans gain access to “exclusive rewards, polls, and opportunities” for the 26 partnered MLS clubs. Welcome to https://t.co/2FROhSNgw8, @MLS. pic.twitter.com/340He1OzQA— Socios.com (@socios) May 4, 2022

Although the announcement did not mention any specific fan engagement events, it stated that “MLS envisions that fans will be able to have the chance to win prizes for making correct game-related predictions and for correctly answering questions.”MLS raked in $816 mi

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