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Number goes up: A third of Brits have bought crypto, says Coinbase report

A Qualtrics report carried out by Coinbase shows that the number of Brits who have bought crypto is up 4% to 33% since October 2021.
Bitcoin (BTC) number go up technology is boosting crypto adoption in the United Kingdom. More and more Brits are buying cryptocurrency according to a Coinbase research piece carried out by Qualtrics.The key takeaways indicate that 33% of British people own crypto, up from 29% in October 2021. Plus, over half, or 61%, of those surveyed intend to increase their holdings over the next 12 months. For Danny Scott, CEO of the UK’s leading Bitcoin exchange, CoinCorner, the statistics “seem incredibly high.” Scott suggested that “we’re seeing a quiet period from the retail market right now,” adding that “when the price settles, so does the interest from newbies.” Without knowing the source for this, I’d hazard a guess the survey size was small and fell luckily in the direction of more adoption tha

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