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NAFSTARS Announces a Successful Fund Raise of $1․7 Million

PRESS RELEASE. NAFSTARS, a Polygon-based play-to-earn [P2E] platform that allows users to collect artist branded cards from all around the globe and from every music genre, has announced a successful fund raise of $1.7 million in seed, token pre-sale, and NFTs. This announcement comes right after the Non-fungible Conference [NFC] in Lisbon, Portugal.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, NAFSTARS collects artists’ metrics such as streams, views, social media followers, and career milestones [gold, and platinum certifications] and translates them into scores. Hence allowing these cards to represent an artist’s real-life performance score.
Additionally, NAFSTARS will allow users to participate in numerous battles and earn rewards.
NAFSTARS receives support from French hits radio, NRJ, and TRACE—Africa’s number one music TV network. Its artist directory counts over 7 billion YouTube views and 30 million followers from three continents.
NAFSTARS Allows Artists to Gain from Their

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