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Mixing reality with the Metaverse: Fashion icon Phillip Plein goes crypto

How can fashion and crypto mix in a practical yet innovative way so that even Phillip Plein’s mother can understand crypto and NFTs?
In an attempt to bring the fashion industry into new innovations and trends, many brands are entering the cryptoverse to test out the waters. Fortunately, the crypto industry has its arms wide open, ready to accept the fashion world and grow.One fashion designer who has recently started dipping his toes in the crypto world is Philipp Plein. He participated in Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week, showcasing a collection alongside Dolce & Gabbana, watch company Jacob & Co and many others who joined Decentraland in an attempt to bring fashion and the Metaverse together. During the show, Plein used the skull that is so apparent in his brand to not only present the models but showcase his work. Cointelegraph stopped by the launch event for Plein’s new Museum of NFT Art concept store

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