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Liechtenstein’s Largest Private Bank Enables Direct Investments in Bitcoin

The leading private bank in Liechtenstein – LGT Bank – partnered with SEBA Bank to offer direct investments in digital assets for its customers. The cryptocurrencies included in the initiative are the two largest by market capitalization – bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH).
LGT Enters the Crypto Ecosystem
The financial institution noted that the demand for digital assets has risen “sharply” in recent years. To cope with the growing interest, LGT allowed its clients to invest directly in two cryptocurrencies – bitcoin and ether (against the US dollar). Commenting on the matter was Roland Matt – CEO of the bank:
“We are very pleased that we can now offer our clients convenient access to these markets while upholding the highest security standards. We worked intensively on this offering. Cryptocurrencies are still in a stage of dynamic development. LGT therefore first created the corresponding, necessary processes, and framework for this type of investment.”
LGT explained th

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