Is a Bitcoin miner the same as an Amazon server and why does it matter?

The Bitcoin Mining  Council, led by Michael Saylor, has hit back at a US Congress group that petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency to criticize proof of work mining. The council’s letter focuses, in part, on comparing Bitcoin mines to computer data centers.  They aim to highlight that the EPA has no jurisdiction to dictate what happens inside a data center.
Letters to the EPA
The congress members had asked the EPA to evaluate the “compliance with environmental statutes” of proof of work mining.  The group claimed,
“We have serious concerns regarding reports that cryptocurrency facilities across the country are polluting communities and are having an outsized contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. As cryptocurrency gains popularity, it is essential to understand the environmental risks and pollution associated with this industry,”
The Bitcoin Mining Council replied directly to the statement above, stating;
“The statement above unfortunately confuses datacenter

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