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Infinite Arcade Launches the Last Sale of the Gamer NFTs

Web3 platform Infinite Arcade launches batch 3 Gamer NFTs sale. The Gamer (avatar) NFTs act as access keys to unlock play & earn on the platform. The games are free-to-play, each set. The first 2 batches of the Genesis Gamer NFTs were sold out very quickly. Now the last stage of NFTs sale starts and it will be held for those players only who are Whitelisted.
Infinite Arcade has launched a month ago. It makes it possible for developers and creators to connect with players in a marketplace in order to create a common economy. Infinite Arcade is like an arcade in the metaverse. Users can own part of the ecosystem and gain from its growth, as well as be rewarded for their time spent in the game and contribution to the community. By now players are enjoying 15 live P2E games. About 200 games will be launched in the near future on this exclusive metaverse Web3 platform. Players can earn TIC, the utility token of the Infinite Arcade. To get access to the platform one should use the Gamer

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