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Dubai Regulator Will Open Offices in The Sandbox Metaverse

The government of Dubai is not slowing down its efforts to promote the development of the local crypto industry and its appeal to crypto enthusiasts. On May 03, The Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) announced the purchase of a piece of land in The Sandbox metaverse, meant for the development of virtual headquarters.
According to an official statement, the VARA is stepping into the Metaverse to reach a “borderless audience,” while also improving social inclusion and environmental sustainability by using fewer physical resources to manage its activities.
In addition, VARA’s MetaHQ will serve as the main channel to share experiences and information with all developers, younger people, and players who frequent the Metaverse, thus enabling “secure adoption” to drive global interoperability.
VARA is the first government authority to invest in the Metaverse
Dubai is known not only for tourism but for technological innovation. And this announcement is just another exam

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