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DOT rallies 12% in a day as Polkadot gears up to solve a major blockchain hacking problem

But the token still risks falling by more than 30% based on a classic bearish continuation setup.
Polkadot (DOT) price ticked higher in the past 24 hours on anticipations that its new cross-chain communications protocol would solve a long-standing problem in the blockchain sector.DOT price gains 12% on XCM launchBulls pushed DOT’s price to $16.44 on May 5 from $14.72 a day before, gaining a little over 12% as they assessed the launch of XCM, a messaging system that allows parachains — individual blockchains that operate in parallel inside the Polkadot ecosystem — to communicate with each other.DOT/USD daily price chart. Source: TradingViewAs Cointelegraph reported, future updates in the XCM protocol would see parachains exchanging messages without relying on Polkadot’s central blockchain, the Relay Chain. That expects to eliminate bridge hacks that have cost the industry more than $1 billion in a year.Other bullish cata

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