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California Governor Wants to Boost Blockchain Adoption

The governor of California – Gavin Newsom – introduced an executive order on digital assets, aiming to establish a regulatory framework for the industry and bolster blockchain adoption.
California to Become a Crypto Hub?
The governor of the US state with the largest economy issued an executive order on cryptocurrencies, which lays out a road map for regulatory and consumer protections. It also examines how digital assets and blockchain technology can be incorporated with California businesses.
Dee Dee Myers – Senior Advisor to governor Gavin Newsom – noted that the Western state is a preferred location for crypto-related companies. As such, the local authorities will aim to support their efforts with friendly legislation:
“Of the 800 blockchain businesses in North America, about a quarter of them are in California, dramatically more than any other state. We’ve heard from so many that they want to be here, and we want to help them do that responsibly.”
Newsom’s executive

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