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A Crypto Proponent Will Be the Next Senator of Ohio

Bitcoin-friendly politician – James David Vance – won the Ohio Republican Senate primary election and will face the member of the Democratic party – Tim Ryan – in November this year. The voting will determine the next senator of Ohio, and, interestingly, Ryan is also a supporter of the crypto sector.
Crypto Backers on the Final Stretch
The American politician, venture capitalist, and author – James David Vance – secured a victory in the Ohio Senate Republican primary. He won 32% of the votes, while the former state treasurer Josh Mandel finished second.
Vance is known for having a close relationship with the previous US president – Donald Trump. After announcing his win, he thanked Trump for backing his candidacy and opposed his critics:
“They wanted to write a story that this campaign would be the death of Donald Trump’s America First Agenda. It ain’t the death of the America First Agenda.”
Unlike the former president, though, Vance is a proponent of the digital

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