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$19M Sales in Less Than Two Months: DecentWorld Metaverse Shares First Results

[PRESS RELEASE – ZUG, Switzerland] Whilst some are still wondering if virtual real estate is actually a thing, the early birds are already making moves and paying six-figure amounts to secure Street NFTs in the metaverse. This year alone the sale of virtual properties is predicted to exceed $990 million.
According to DecentWorld, a real-world based metaverse platform, the popularity of virtual real estate is growing – just within the first 1.5 months since the platform launch, the top 15 most expensive Streets on DecentWorld have already been purchased, the total value of the Street NFTs sold on the platform make up over $19 million.
Most Wanted Virtual Real Estate
On the DecentWorld metaverse platform, users can find virtual copies of every street in the world and purchase them as NFTs. The total number of active streets on the DecentWorld Map currently reaches 12 million, and within 1.5 months from the launch, virtual estate sales reached $19 million, with more than 2,000 virtual

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