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Tech Start-up ‘Picture This’ Drops First Photography NFT With Renowned Photographer Christian Houge

On April 29, photography-focused tech start-up Picture This is finally launching the ‘Polar Bear’ NFT, which raises awareness and money towards climate change and the impact humans have on our planet.
Digital artworks have seen a booming rise in sales and popularity since the start of the decade. Minting art as an NFT has enabled artists to reach audiences in ways earlier not fathomable. Now, the photography community is finally entering the NFT space.
One devotee is Christian Houge. For decades, the artist’s dramatic photography has provoked a strong emotional response from international museums and art institutions like the California Museum of Photography, Auction Paris, and Three Shadows Photography Art Center in Beijing, among others. This week, Houge is officially expanding his internationally renowned art from gallery walls to the blockchain.
— At first, I was naturally sceptical of NFT art, being an analogue ‘old school’ photographer working for years to finalise m

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