Review: Looking At The Latest PrimeXBT Features And Trading Pairs

PrimeXBT is a leading cryptocurrency-based margin trading platform offering more than 100 different trading pairs and a wide range of features catering to both novices and professionals. The suite of tools and the vast range of crypto-centric services like the Covesting copy trading module are continuously improving, and new pairs are regularly being added.
As such, we regularly revisit trading platforms to provide an updated review based on the latest offering from the company behind the brand. Here is a look at the latest PrimeXBT features that have recently been added, along with a breakdown of all the most recent trading pairs that have been added in 2022.
Bringing BNB Chain Support To Multi-Currency System
PrimeXBT began as a Bitcoin-based margin trading platform in 2018 and today is barely recognizable as the same company outside of the name and a familiar look. The platform has gone through a complete transformation, expanding its list of accepted currencies to BTC, ETH, USDT, U

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