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LBank Exchange Will Launch Innovation Zone for Better User Experience

PRESS RELEASE. LBank Exchange is an innovative crypto assets trading platform with 6.4 million global users. Since the start of its journey, LBank Exchange has continuously expanded in the global market, serving users in over 210 countries and regions worldwide, with features including spot and grid trading, derivatives, finance, NFT marketplace, and many more.
For better catering to users’ needs, LBank Exchange has strived to select better, more promising projects for listing and to classify them in a more orderly manner. To make user’s investment experience even smoother, LBank Exchange recently announced a brand new feature called Innovation Zone for spot trading projects, which will soon be launched on its platform.
New projects with growing potential that are lesser-known compared to popular projects will be gathered in Innovation Zone, so that users can make their investment choices more easily and wisely, as well as providing a place where these projects can truly shine.

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