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ISKRA: The Future of Web3 Gaming and Blockchain Entertainment

Play-to-earn (P2E), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and web3 gaming are some blockchain concepts that recently came into vogue, catching the interest of crypto enthusiasts, gamers, developers, and investors from different parts of the world.
In the past, gamers spent a large chunk of their time gaming just for the fun of it without getting any monetary reward in the process. However, the birth of blockchain gaming has changed the narrative.
Today, hundreds of blockchain gaming projects are building different solutions to offer gamers the opportunity to earn while doing what they do best. One of the newest gaming projects on the list is Iskra.
What is ISKRA? 
Iskra is a blockchain-based web3 gaming startup that aims to reshape the existing gaming industry by returning power to gamers, developers, and investors. The project combines entertainment, sustainability, and blockchain technology to bridge the gap in web3 gaming between early adopters and mainstream users.
Iskra seeks to break grou

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