IamUkraine Studio announces Zelenskiy’s NFT Collection to support Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine, 29th April, 2022, Chainwire

IamUkraine studio announces the launch of its NFT collection to pave the way towards an iconic artform to aid Ukraine. Focused on improving the domestic humanitarian landscape, the collection is expected to provide support to the struggling population.
IamUkraine is proud to announce its initiative to support the Ukrainian cause with the introduction of Zelenskiy’s NFT collection. The company is launching the paramount collection to provide humanitarian support and assistance to domestic causes in Ukraine. Recognizing the dire humanitarian situation on the ground, the company has paved the way to provide effective support to struggling citizens in Ukraine. IamUkraine has a history of creating iconic digital art to support global initiatives.
More information about the upcoming launch can be found at zelenskiynft.com. 
Talking more about the upcoming launch, Project Director Volodymyr Samoilenko said, “We want the world to come together t

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