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Here are 3 ways hodlers can profit during bull and bear markets

The bull market may be over, but that doesn’t mean traders have to stop investing. Here are a few ways to invest in crypto even during a bear market.
For years, cryptocurrency advocates have touted the world-changing capability of digital currency and blockchain technology. Yet with the passing of each market cycle, new projects come and go, and the promised utility of these “real-world use case” projects fails to satisfy.While a majority of tokens promise to solve real-world problems, only a few achieve this, and the others are mere speculative investments.Here’s a look at the three things cryptocurrency investors can actually “do” with their coins.LendingPerhaps the simplest use case offered to cryptocurrency holders is also one of the oldest monetary applications in finance: lending. Ever since the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector took off in 2020, the opportunities available for crypto holders to lend out

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